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Xinjiang Medical University | A + Grade | 2nd Old English Medium in China

Xinjiang Medical University A + Grade Good Ranking in China

Xinjiang Medical University | A + Grade | Take Admission in Low Fees 2nd Oldest English Medium High Ranking MBBS in China | 800+ Indian students.

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Xinjiang Medical University Fee Structure

Xinjiang Medical University Full Tuition & Hostel Fees except Food Cost and Consultancy Fee, NO HIDDEN CHARGES
Xinjiang Medical University, China Fees (XJMU)
Study MBBS in China in the Top Government Medical College Abroad
Payments in China 1st Yr 2nd to
5th Yr
All Fees 30000 ¥ 30000 ¥ (Yearly Tuition Fee)
(INR) (Rs 3,00,000) (Rs 3,00,000)
Hostel 4500 ¥ 4500 ¥ (2-sharing Hostel
inside Campus)
(INR) (Rs 45,000) (Rs 45,000)
Misc Fees 16700 ¥ 1000 ¥ (Registration,
Residency, Insurance, Dev Fee, etc)
(INR) (Rs 1,67,000) (Rs 10,000)
Total 51200 ¥
(Rs 5,12,000)
35500 ¥
(Rs 3,55,000)
193200 ¥
(Rs 19,32,000)
Total Fees of Xinjiang Medical University
Consultancy Fee includes Visa Expenses in India, 1st Time Airfare from Delhi to Xinjiang, Invitation Charges
University Hostel Compulsory for this University.

Q&A of Xinjiang Medical University MBBS Study

Why study MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University, The 2nd Oldest MBBS in English Medium in China? 
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How old is the English Medium MBBS in Xinjiang Medical University?

Xinjiang Medical University is the 2nd Oldest English medium university in China. The English medium started in 1992 — twenty-eight years of experience of MBBS in English medium teaching.

What is the Grade of Xinjiang Medical University in terms of English medium MBBS?

Xinjiang Medical University or XJMU is an "A+ Grade" medical university in China. Only 8 Universities in China have got a Grade of A + or above in respect of MBBS studies in English medium.

What is the Ranking of Xinjiang Medical University?

Xinjiang Medical University is Ranked 9 among the English taught MBBS Universities in China. In the last few years, the Ranking of Xinjiang Medical University has gained a lot. Xinjiang Medical University present World Ranking 2944, which is better than all medical colleges in India, except AIIMS Delhi.

When did the MBBS course start at Xinjiang Medical University?

MBBS course started at Xinjiang Medical University in 1956.

Which other Universities in China have long experience of MBBS in the English medium?

The other Universities in China which have long experience of MBBS in the English medium are:

  • Xian Jiaotong University (English medium from 1990)
  • China Medical University (English medium from 1992)
  • Soochow University (English medium from 2000)
  • Sichuan University (English medium from 2002)
  • Nanjing Medical University (English medium from 2002)
  • Jilin University (English medium from 2002)
  • Shandong University (English medium from 2002)

How far is Xinjiang Medical University from India?

Xinjiang Medical University is very near to India. It is only 5.30 hours journey by one stopover flight from Delhi to Xinjiang by Air Astana. That is why airfare is also quite low, approximately Rs 19,000 one side. Air Manas runs seasonal direct flights, which takes only 3 hours and at a much lower airfare.

Which are the campuses of Xinjiang Medical University?

Xinjiang Medical University has Two campuses.

  • The Main Campus is located in the center of Urumqi city with a building area of 30 Lac square feet.
  • The New Campus will start in 2020 with a building area of 79.54 Lac square feet.

How many Indian students are studying in Xinjiang Medical University?

At present, nearly 800 Indian students are studying MBBS, MD, and Ph.D. in XJMU. In 2020 80 new Indian students will take admission to Xinjiang Medical University.

Are there hostels for Indian students inside the campuses of XJMU?

Yes, hostels are there for Indian students inside the campuses of Xinjiang Medical University.

  • New campus: 1st and 2nd year's students will live in the New campus.
  • Main Campus: 3rd to 5th year, students will live in the Main campus. On both campuses, rooms are like 2-star hotels. Each room has AC, Room Heater, Separate beds, Study Table, almirah, attached bath, geyser, etc. Boys and Girls hostel buildings are entirely separate in the Main campus.

Is there any Indian mess in Xinjiang Medical University?

In China, a lot of food canteens are there and not mess with fixed food at a fixed monthly cost. Four canteens within the campus with standard veg and non-veg Indian food. Daily 8 Indian dishes are made compulsorily in Xinjiang canteen.

What kind of MBBS Syllabus and books are followed in XJMU?

XJMU follows mostly the MCI syllabus and with part of the American curriculum, like the PBL system. Mostly Indian medical books followed along with some American books.

What is the MCI passing rate in Xinjiang Medical University?

In recent times, Xinjiang Medical University has got very good passing rate in the MCI Screening Test, NMC, PMDC, BMDC. An optional MCI Screening Test coaching is available inside the campus.

What are the Girls: Boys ratio among Indian students in XJMU?

In XJMU, Indian girls and boys ratio is 45:55. In the last three years, girls are a bit more in number than boys.

How many hospitals are affiliated with Xinjiang Medical University?

XJMU has 40 Affiliated hospitals. Probably this is the highest in the whole world. Out of those 40 hospitals, 2 affiliated Hospitals are within the campus, with 12,000 patients bed. In 2018 total of 7.50 crore patients visited in the OPD and 56 Lac Operations were done.

How is the weather in Xinjiang? Is it too cold?

In winter, Xinjiang is cold for three months. But there is abundant sunshine always. It is a great advantage in winter. The average temperature is April to August: 10°C to 24°C, November to February -3°C to -13°C.

Will I get any scholarship in Xinjiang?

Yes, XJMU has a considerable amount of Scholarships for International students. In general, awards range from Rs 50,000/- to Rs 3,00,000/- per year. Fifteen of our 2018 students got a scholarship in 2019. The scholarship amount mostly depends on the semester results in China.

Can I do PG in the future at Xinjiang Medical University?

Yes, Students can get admission in PG (MD/MS) in Xinjiang Medical University after completion of regular MBBS course. PG can be done free in XJMU. You try to get 70% plus marks throughout all the semesters. You must maintain good behavior and attendance.

Xinjiang Medical University Eligibility Criteria

  • These are essential Eligibility Criteria. But please note that Criteria becomes harder along with the admission phase.
  • So if you apply early, you will get admission to this world-class University even with a few low marks.
  • University will ask for NEET 250 and above when 60% of seats get filled up.
  • So its always better to apply now and secure a confirmed seat. Do not wait for your exam results to come.
Age: 17 to 22 as on 31st December of the year of Admission.
Class 12 marks: PCB must be Good.
NEET: Must be qualified. University may ask for minimum 150 in NEET.
Good English skill.
Good health and proper mental condition (as per stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China).
Good moral character. Students must follow the rules and regulations (of the Chinese government and the University).

Weather of Urumqi city

Urumqi temperature fluctuates significantly during day and night. The weather is dry due to its geographical location. Urumqi has short Spring and autumn, while winter and summer are long. A great advantage in Urumqi is that there is always abundant sunshine all through the year.

Summer Average Temperature of Urumqi

April to August: 10 ° C to 24 ° C

Winter Average Temperature of Urumqi

Nov to February: -3 ° C to -13 ° C

Xinjiang Medical University details

  • Xinjiang Medical University is the 2nd Oldest English medium university in China
  • XJMU has perhaps the highest number of affiliated hospitals, 40 in total.
  • Xinjiang has the highest number of Indian students at present, total 800+ including PG.
  • 8th Number listed in MCI approved list. 

Achievements of Xinjiang Medical University

  • XJMU is the only institution in China to win the "Chinese Medical Academic Award" in four consecutive years.
  • XJMU topped the list, observed by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
  • XJMU is one of the 9 Universities who got initial approval by MCI. 
  • Very recently, XJMU has completed over 280 scientific research projects.
  • XJMU also won 32 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 
  • XJMU has revolutionized surgery and paved the way for life-saving breakthroughs.

International Medical Students

XJMU 1st recruited International students in 1992. Approximately 100 Overseas students take admission in Xinjiang Medical University yearly. At present, 1000 overseas students studying MBBS and PG here. 80% of these students are from India only. Only Indian students are allowed to take admission in UG MBBS course in English for the last three years.

Xinjiang Medical University has a high Ranking. Only AIIMS Delhi, Kasturba Manipal and 2-3 other Medical Colleges in India have better Rank than Xinjiang Medical University.

Xinjiang Medical University Campus

Xinjiang Medical University's location is Urumqi city, the capital of Xinjiang province. The campus is vast and in the center of the city in Xinyi Road. It is a completely updated and modernized campus. Urumqi campus has a,

  • Modern Hi-tech library, 
  • Four canteens, 
  • Two hospitals. Many training centers are within this campus too.

From 2020, XJMU will start a new, most modern world-class campus in Urumqi city. Along with 2nd year students, new students who will take admission in Xinjiang Medical University in 2020, will live in this new campus.

Hostel for International Students

On-Campus Hostel in Both campuses of XJMU.

Hostels are there for Indian students inside the campuses of Xinjiang Medical University.

  • New campus: 1st and 2nd year's students will live in the New campus.
  • Main Campus: 3rd to 5th year, students will live in the Main campus.

On both campuses, rooms are like 2-star hotels. Each room has AC, Room Heater, Separate beds, Study Table, almirah, attached bath, geyser, etc. Boys and Girls hostel buildings are entirely separate in the Main campus. There is one canteen below the Boys hostel and another opposite to the Girls hostel.

Scholarships in XJMU.

Xinjiang Medical University has a special kind of scholarship. 

  • Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government Scholarships;
  • This scholarship is only for the students of Neighboring Countries.
  • Scholarship amount varies from 5,000 ¥ to 30,000 ¥ per year.
  • Fifteen students out of our 2018 batch got a scholarship in 2019.

Affiliated Hospitals of the University

Xinjiang Medical University has 40 Affiliated hospitals in total. This figure is perhaps the highest in the world. Out of the 40,

  • Six affiliated hospitals are for students practicing.
  • Five of them are three-level A hospitals.

An unbelievable number of patients from all over the world come to XJMU for treatment. In 2018, 7.50 crore patients visited the OPD. XJMU did 56 lac operations.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University

Founded in 1956, The Hospital has the title of being top Hospital in northwest China.

Research Facilities and Abilities:

The Hospital has been set up into 42 clinical and 11 medical technology departments. It now has:

  • 27 teaching & research station,
  • One clinical post-doctoral research station.
  • Three doctorates (in Clinical Medicine, Surgery, and Medicine) research station.
  • Three masters-level research stations (in professional Clinical Medicine degree.

The Hospital has a Professional degree in oral Medicine and Clinical Medicine. This covers 15 secondary subjects and 33 clinical subjects. It has two key laboratories in the fields of molecular biology.

Advanced Medical Equipment

The Hospital has a fully operational computer network. It also implemented the OPD medical information card system. And electronic records of clinical departments.

The Hospital also owns numerous advanced equipment such as:

  • CARTO 3,
  • VARIAN 2300C/D,
  • Philip MX8000 CT with spiral layer,
  • The 23EX accelerator

Latest Medical Technology:

At present XJMU Hospital has mastered in:

  • Techniques in performing liver transplants,
  • In-vitro Fertilization,
  • Lung transplants,
  • Heart transplants,
  • Kidney transplants,
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting,
  • Bone marrow transplants.
  • PTCA (percutaneous translational coronary angioplasty) and
  • The treatment of complex thoracic aorta dissection.

XJMU Hospital has accomplished a significant amount of operations that meet international standards. That is why most of the patients are from Other countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, almost the whole of Europe and Asia.

Post Graduation Discipline details of Xinjiang Medical University

Xinjiang Medical University at present has several Disciplines in Post Graduation;

  • Physiology, Human Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology,
  • Immunology, Pathogenic Organisms, Pathology, and Pathophysiology, Anesthesiology,
  • Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Medical Neurobiology, Medical Physiology, and Chronobiology,
  • Internal Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry and Mental Health,
  • Dermatology and Venereology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology,
  • Otolaryngology, Oncology, Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine, Evidence-based Medicine,
  • Scientific Evaluation of Clinical Drugs and Equipment, Genetics, Clinic Genetic, Optometry, Ophthalmology, and many more.

Program Discipline details of the University:

Presently Xinjiang Medical College has:

  • Eight key disciplines of State Administration Medicine,
  • 11 Provincial Key Disciplines,
  • 2 Post-Doctoral Scientific Research Workstation,
  • 3 Post-Doctoral Research Station,
  • Two, 1st -Level Discipline Doctoral Degree Authorization Points,
  • Twenty-Five, 2nd-Level Discipline Doctoral Degree Authorization Points,
  • 1 Professional Doctoral Degree Authorization Points,
  • Ten 1st - Level Discipline Master's Degree Authorization Points,
  • Sixty-Three 2nd - Level Discipline Master's Degree Authorization Points.

Xinjiang Medical University Videos

We have more than 150 videos of XJMU and other all MCI Approved Universities in China.
Xinjiang Medical University Video

Xinjiang Medical University, XJMU, Urumqi China | Omkar Medicom Official Admission Partner.

Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi City, Xinjiang province, China is one of the oldest medical university in China, approved by Ministry of Education China to admit foreign students to study MBBS in English medium.
Xinjiang Medical University students speak in Tamil

ஓம்கார் மெடிகாமுடன் கலந்தாலோசிக்காமல் எம்.பி.பி.எஸ்-க்கு சீனா செல்ல வேண்டாம். வீடியோவைப் பாருங்கள்.

ஓம்கார் மெடிகாமுடன் கலந்தாலோசிக்காமல் எம்.பி.பி.எஸ்-க்கு சீனா செல்ல வேண்டாம். ஏன் என்று அறிய முழு வீடியோவையும் காண்க.
ஓம்கார் மெடிகாம், சீனாவில் உள்ள 36 மருத்துவ பல்கலைக்கழகங்களின் அதிகாரப்பூர்வ சேர்க்கை கூட்டாளர்.
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Map of Xinjiang Medical University
Xinjiang Medical University Main Campus Location Map
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Xinjiang Medical University Address

URUMQI CAMPUS: 393 Xinyi Rd, Xinshi, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China, 830011.   

Reviews of Xinjiang Medical University

Shibaditya Singha

They’re a really helpful organisation. They’d assist students and their families right from the admission procedures to the visa and the support doesn’t just end here. They’d do everything for us at the university till we are well settled and have all the necessary first timers. They don’t have any hidden costs. Their support is amazing. I am really lucky to have got their support in getting a step closer to realising my dream. - Xinjiang medical university (2017)

Surendra Prasad VK

Very good university.... Good faculty...

Godwin Kiplimo

Its a center of excellence

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