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Xiamen University Highlights

Xiamen University China
Top Rank Medical Colleges in China
Year of foundation of Xiamen 1996
English medium from 2011
Government or Private Fujian Province Government of China
Grade A
World Rank 204
Location Xiamen City, South-East China
International MBBS students in Xiamen 473
Number of Indian students 375 approximately
No. of hospitals in Xiamen University 8 Affiliated Hospitals
Class Commencement October every year
Eligibility Criteria in 10+2 70% in PCBE (Video Interview Reqd)
NEET Criteria NEET 250 +
IELTS/TOFEL Criteria Not Applicable
MBBS Course Duration 4.9 Years
Medium of Instructions Full English
Is Chinese language Taught? Yes, 360 hours in 5 years
Recognition and Affiliations MOE, WHO, MCI, USMLE, PLAB, AMC
MBBS Degree Approved by MCI and WHO
Nearest International Airport Xiamen Gaoqi International airport
Nearest Domestic Airport Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
Distance from India 5.30 hours from Kolkata
Min/Max Temperature in Xiamen Jan Lowest: 10°C, July Highest: 32°C

Xiamen University China Fee Structure

Xiamen University Fees inclusive of Tuition & Hostel, except Food Cost and Consultancy charges, NO HIDDEN COST
Xiamen University, Medical College China Fees
Top Rank Medical College in China
Payments in China 1st Yr 2nd to
5th Yr
All Fees 38000 ¥ 38000 ¥ (Yearly Tuition Fee)
(INR) (Rs 3,80,000) (Rs 3,80,000)
Hostel 1600 ¥ 1600 ¥ (4-sharing Hostel
inside Campus)
(INR) (16,000) (16,000)
Misc Fees 2600 ¥ 1600 ¥ (Registration,
Residency, Insurance etc)
(INR) (26,000) (16,000)
Total 42200 ¥
(Rs 4,22,000)
41200 ¥
(Rs 4,12,000)
207000 ¥
(Rs 20,70,000)
Total Fees of Xiamen University
Consultancy Fee includes Visa Expenses in India, 1st Time Airfare from Delhi to Xiamen, Invitation Charges
University Hostel Compulsory for this University.
6th Year's Internship in Compulsory in this University.

What are the Advantages & Features of MBBS Study at Xiamen University

Why High Ranking Xiamen University is considered one of the Best for Indian students to study MBBS in China in English Medium? 
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What is the World Rank of Xiamen University?

Presently Xiamen University World Rank is 204. Same year AIIMS Delhi, the best medical college in India, rank is 1681.

What is the Grade of Xiamen University in China?

Xiamen University is A+ Grade High Ranking In China. It is among the best 10 universities in China.

In which year Xiamen University was established?

XMU was established in 1996 in Xiamen city of China, funded by the Overseas Chinese group.

How far is Xiamen city from India?

Xiamen is near to India. Only 5.30 hours flight from Kolkata via Bangkok.

How many international students are studying in Xiamen?

Currently, 473 international students are studying here. Mostly they are from India and Nepal. Rest are from Japan, Korea, and all African countries. 

Which are the campuses of Xiamen University?

Xiamen University has three campuses. Siming, Zhangzhou and Xiang'an campus. Medical College campus of XMU is in Xiang'an. Its a vast campus covering a total area of 3645 acres.

What type of medical syllabus is followed in Xiamen?

Indian books followed are followed as per MCI syllabus along with some American books. 

What is the system of the canteen in the Xiamen campus?

9 Canteens are within the campus with few Veg and Non-veg Indian food. Students can cook too if they wish.

Will a student get a hostel room inside the Xiamen University Medical campus?

Xiamen University has hostel rooms inside the campus. Hostel rooms are small but have attached bath fitted with geyser, AC, Room Heater, Separate beds with Study Table, almirah etc.

How many hospitals does Xiamen University have?

Xiamen University has total 8 direct affiliated Hospitals. The Xiangan Hospital is located near to the Xiang'an campus.

Is there any scholarship at Xiamen University?

The best three students will get confirmed scholarship at Xiamen University every year.

Can a student do Post Graduation in the future in Xiamen?

PG can be done Free or at a very nominal rate.

MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria for Xiamen University

  • These are essential Eligibility Criteria. But please note that Criteria becomes harder along with the admission phase.
  • So if you apply early, you will get admission to this low fees University even with a few low marks.
  • University will ask for 80% and above or NEET 300 and above when 60% of seats get filled up.
  • So its always better to apply now and secure a confirmed seat. Do not wait for your exam results to come.
  • Interview will be taken on Wechat/Skype Video before granting Admission. 
Age: 17 to 24 as on 30th July of the year of Admission.
Class 12 marks: Must be least 70 % in each subject of PCBE.
NEET marks: Minimum 250 in NEET 2020.
Good Spoken English skill.
Video interviews required. Oral video test will be taken in Chemistry and Biology. Students who will clear this interview will get admission. Before the interview, admission can not be guaranteed. 
Good health and proper mental condition (as per stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China).
Good moral character. Students must follow the rules and regulations (of the Chinese government and the University).

Weather of Xiamen city

XMU is located in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, China. Xiamen has a subtropical monsoon climate. So the weather is mild and pleasant most of the year. Typhoons may hit Xiamen four to five times from July to September.

Summer Average Temperature of Xiamen

April to August : 19 ° C to 30 ° C

Winter Average Temperature of Xiamen

Nov to February: 10 ° C to  16 ° C

Xiamen University details

  • Xiamen University is a High Ranking Medical University in China.
  • This University is under the direct control of the Government of China.
  • Xiamen has 7 directly Affiliated hospitals.
  • Xiamen University is among the top 10 medical universities in China.
Xiamen University Xiangan Campus 003Xiamen University Indian Students 001

Introduction of School of Medicine at Xiamen University.

The School of Medicine at Xiamen University has 64 teaching and research institutes

  • Faculty of Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, 
  • Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 
  • Department of Nursing, Stomatology, 
  • Department of Optometry and Ophthalmology, Ophthalmic Research, 
  • Organ Transplantation Research Institute, Cancer Center,
  • Neurological Institute and Stem Cell Institute, etc.

International Medical Students

Medical School of Xiamen University has 400 plus international students from 40 countries.

They are mostly from India, Canada, America, Japan, South Asian Australia, Korea, EU countries, and all African countries.

Xiamen University Campus.

Xiamen University China has three campuses

  • Siming, 
  • Zhangzhou and 
  • Xiang'an campus

Medical Campus is in Xiang'an. Its a vast campus covering a total area of 3645 acres.

Hostel for International Students

Xiamen University has small 2-sharing hostel rooms inside Xiang'an campus. All the rooms have air-conditioners and internet access. These are attached with a bathroom fitted with geyser for 24 hours hot water. 
Students will pay for electricity, water, and the internet as per usage.

Xiamen University Campus Hostel Buildings 001

Scholarships at Xiamen University.

International students are eligible for two types of scholarships in XMU

  • Fujian Government Scholarship and
  • Xiamen University Scholarships.

Scholarship range is from 5000 ¥ up to 20000 ¥. 1st three positions will get scholarship every year. Normally 7 to 8 students come in the 1st three positions. 

Affiliated Hospitals of Xiamen University

Medical School of Xiamen University has seven direct affiliated hospitals. These are three-level-A hospitals in China.

  • Zhongshan Affiliated Hospital, 
  • Affiliated Eye Center, 
  • Southeast Affiliated Hospital, 
  • East Affiliated Hospital, 
  • Affiliated First Hospital, 
  • Affiliated Successful Hospital, 
  • Affiliated the 2nd hospital of Fuzhou, 

20 teaching hospitals and practice bases are also there. Xiamen University is constructing a high - level comprehensive new affiliated hospital: Xiang'an Affiliated Hospital.

About Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to XMU

Zhongshan Hospital is the main Affiliated Hospital of XMU. It is located near to the Siming campus. It is a large and general third-grade, class-A Hospital. 

Zhongshan Hospital is built on an area of approximately 14 acres. The construction area is about 171,000 sq meters.

This Hospital has: 

  • 2500 beds,
  • 2.42 million outpatients and emergency visits (data 2016), and 
  • Nearly 63,000 inpatients. 
  • In total, 2900 faculty members and staff are employed.

The Hospital also has:

  • 38 clinical departments, 
  • Ten medical technique departments, 
  • Two branches and 
  • Five community health service centers. 

The Hospital owns:

  • Department of Gastroenterology
  • Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery
  • Municipal Leading Departments
  • Department of Gastroenterology, 
  • Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery, 
  • Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, 
  • Department of Joint Surgery
  • Department of Neurology, 
  • Department of Hematology, 
  • Department of Endocrinology, 
  • Department of Joint Surgery, 
  • Department of Ultrasound, 
  • Department of Thoracic Surgery, 
  • Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation, 
  • Department of Pathology, 
  • Department of Dermatology, 
  • Department of Diagnosis and Treatment for Noninfectious Respiratory Diseases, 
  • Department of Emergency Medicine, 
  • Prostate Diseases, 
  • Obstetric Critical Care, 
  • Department of Diabetic Nephropathy. 

Besides, the Hospital has:

  • The Clinical Examination Center of Xiamen, 
  • Xiamen Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Digestive Diseases, Digestive Diseases Institution of Xiamen University, 
  • Gastrointestinal Oncology Institution, 
  • Xiamen Rehabilitation Research Institute of Aging Disease, 
  • Institute for Microbial Ecology, 
  • Institute for Infectious Diseases, 
  • Institute for Medical Imaging, 
  • Fujian Key Laboratory for Chronic Liver Disease and Liver Cancer, Xiamen Translational Medical Key Laboratory of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Tumor, 
  • Xiamen Clinical Key Laboratory, 
  • Xiamen Key Laboratory for Intestines and Stomach Tumor, 
  • Xiamen Key Laboratory for Clinical Translational Medicine of nuclear medical molecular imaging, 
  • the Key Technology Platform of Xiamen for Molecular Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy of Cancer, 
  • Gastroscopy Training Bases of Chinese Medical Association, 
  • Fujian Training Bases of Medical Ultrasound, 
  • National Demonstration Bases for Health Management.
Xiamen University 1st Affiliated Hospital 002

Modern Medical Equipments of XMU Hospital

The Hospital has the most advanced medical equipment such as:

  • GE Revolution CT
  • Siemens Somatom Definition Flash CT
  • 3.0T superconducting MR
  • Neurosurgical Gamma knife 
  • Linear accelerator
  • Tablet-style Digital Subtraction Angiography(DSA)
  • Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography(SPECT)
  • Positron Emission Tomography(PET-CT)

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Xiamen University Contact Details

Map of Xiamen University Xiangan and Siming Campus
Xiamen University Medical Campus Location Map
+8613036883342, +8618778018394
+919163195767, +919831762263
+919911995956, +919871059601

Xiamen University Address

XIANG'AN CAMPUS: Xiangan South Road, Xiangan District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, PR China, 361102.   
SIMING CAMPUS: 422 Siming South Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, PR China, 361005.   

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