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Soochow Weather details | Omkar Medicom | Subtropical Monsoon Climate

Soochow Weather details. It has a subtropical monsoon climate. Average temperature April to August: 14 °C to 28 °C and Nov to February: 5 °C to 12 °C.

Average Temperatures of Suzhou

Soochow University is located in Suzhou city in China. It has a subtropical monsoon climate. Suzhou has four distinct seasons, and the weather is mild and moist. The best season is between January and April because the weather is soothing cool.

soochow weather average temperature

Does Suzhou have snowfall?

In Suzhou, December's weather is cold and dry. It is the driest month of the year. Although December is generally dry, there may be snowfall sometimes at night. The average daily lowest temperature in December is 4 °C, and the highest is 11 °C.

Is Admission to MBBS in China Direct? Or I have to appear in an Entrance Exam?

All admissions in China for international students are direct. So far, any Entrance test is not required. All admissions in China are based on 10+2 board marks and NEET marks and time of Application/Seat Booking. So earlier you apply, better is your chance of admission.

Only a few Universities will also take an interview over the phone or Skype to judge the English speaking power of the student before granting admission.

Is NEET required to take MBBS admission in China?

Yes, NEET qualification is compulsory for MBBS admission in China and all other countries. From 1st June 2018 onwards, you must qualify for the NEET exam. It is needed to become eligible to work as a doctor in India.

NEET results will remain valid for three consecutive years. That means if you qualified in NEET in 2019, then you can take admission abroad till 2021. In 2019, NEET qualifying marks were 107 for SC/ST/OBC and 134 for general or open case category out of a total of 720 marks.

If I do not qualify NEET, but wish to take admission in China. Will it be possible?

No, you will not get admission in any University in China without qualifying NEET. But we can admit you to some Universities in other countries. 

But if you take admission without qualifying NEET, then you can not work in India as a doctor. However, you can work in many other countries.

Which is the best time to apply for China MBBS?

The best time to apply is January to May of the year of admission. All seats will usually be exhausted by that time. So Book your Seat before this time to get confirmed admission in China. If Omkar Medicom accepts your Application, then be 100% sure about your admission. 

For other Countries, you will get time till June end.

In 2020, due to COVID, the admission process may get delayed by a few days.

I will be appearing in 10+2 exam this year. Can I take Admission before getting the mark sheets?

Yes, you can always book your seat based on Class 10 mark sheets and paying the Booking amount. Students who book their seats through Omkar Medicom will get 100% admission in China.

I do not have a passport. Can I apply now?

Yes, you can apply without a passport. But you must apply for it as soon as possible. We will need your passport before June end to make the necessary papers. However, some Universities will not accept an application without a passport.

I am already 10+2 passed out. I got 70% in PCBE. Can I get confirmed Admission in my choice of university?

Yes, you can get confirmed admission in your choice of University, in that case, provided score 200 or above in NEET. But you must apply immediately before all seats in that University are filled up.
For some Universities, State Board 70% not accepted. Only CBSE accepted. For some Universities, minimum NEET marks eligibility applies.

I got only 50% in PCB & English. Can I get confirmed Admission in China?

Yes, you can get confirmed admission in that case. A few universities in China do not check Class 12 board marks. But you must qualify and get good marks in NEET.

Those Universities admit students based on NEET marks only. Only Omkar Medicom has 2-3 such Universities, which accept a few students will low marks. But you must apply immediately before that quota finishes.

I am appearing in NEET exam this year. Due to COVID, it is getting delayed. Can I wait for the NEET result to come and then apply for MBBS in China?

Sorry !!! If you wait for your NEET result, then you will not get admission in China. No seat will remain vacant by that time.

But we can admit you to other countries like Russia, Kyrgyz, Ukraine or the Philippines and Bangladesh.

But in China, it is impossible so late.

It is always better to Book your Seat early and then wait for NEET results.

Ok, I will book my seat for China MBBS. But if I get admission in India, will you refund my Application amount?

Yes, for most of the Universities, we will refund your application money in full. You must send us your Admission letter and Fee payment receipt of that Medical College in India within a stipulated time. But we can't refund if you book for Zhejiang University, Nanjing Medical University.

Please note, any University fees paid by that time, direct by you to the University, can't be refunded. Fees paid directly to University are always non-refundable under any circumstances. Please check with Omkar Medicom about the Fees payment schedule of any University, before Booking your Seat.

If I fail in the 10+2 exam or can't secure the minimum % required, will you refund my Application amount?

We can't refund Application or Booking money if you fail in the 10+2 exam.
However, if your choice of university denies admission because the percentage is low, then we will get your admission done in any other MCI approved college elsewhere. So far, all students who have booked through us has got admission. But if you fail in 10+2, then we are helpless.

Suppose I fail in the coming NEET. In that case will you refund the Application amount if I do not want to take admission this year?

We will refund the Application or Booking money if you fail in NEET, and you want to drop your admission abroad. For a few Universities, we won't be able to refund. Kindly check with Omkar Medicom the names of those Universities. However, if any money transferred directly to University Bank account by you, is non-refundable.

Ok, I will book my seat now and pay the Application amount. But I will wait till the final counseling in India and decide the rest. Will it be possible?

Yes, you can wait till August middle. But cases will be different from University to University:


For 6-7 Universities, you must pay the non-refundable fees after the Acceptance Letter. Otherwise, the University will cancel your admission and will not refund the application amount. University will take a new student from their waiting list in that case.


Pay the Application amount, get admission letter, and wait till August middle. Check the status of your admission possibilities in India. Then either forgo the admission or pay the balance payment required.

If you forgo your China admission, you will lose only the initial Application amount.

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