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Guangzhou Medical University Admission | Omkar Medicom | Rs 22.38 Lac

Guangzhou Medical University Admission | Details from Omkar Medicom. Total Pkg Rs 22.38 Lac, all inclusive | B+ Top University for MBBS English.

Dear Sir / Madam / Student,

Thanks for contacting us regarding MBBS admission in China. We will furnish you with all the details below. 

  • MBBS course started here in 1958, only a few Universities in China have this kind of long experience.
  • There are Daily three direct flight connections from Delhi and Kolkata. Airfare is very low. Rs 11,000 one side.
  • Guangzhou is the largest city and the commercial capital of China.
  • In Total, there are eight direct affiliated Hospitals, 11 other affiliated Hospitals with a daily inflow of 10,000+ patients.

Fees for MBBS in China in GUANGZHOU MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 2020 SEPT/OCT Session, Pkg Rs 22.38 Lac for five years.

Guangzhou Medical University Fees 2020 | No hidden cost package

Guangzhou Medical University Fees 2020
Payments in China
1st Year 2nd Year
Tuition Fees Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,00,000
(In RMB ¥) (30000 ¥) (30000 ¥)
Hostel Fees Rs 60,000 Rs 60,000
(In RMB ¥) (6000 ¥) (6000 ¥)
Misc Fixed Fees Rs 24,000 Rs 12,000
(In RMB ¥) (2400 ¥) (1200 ¥)
Yearly Total Rs 3,84,000 Rs 3,72,000
Payments in India
1st Payment
(Along with Application)
Rs 50,000 NIL
2nd Payment
(After Acceptance Letter)
Rs 3,00,000 NIL
Grand Total
Rs 7,34,000 Rs 3,72,000
Guangzhou Medical University Fees (3rd - 5th Year)
Payments in China
3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fees Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,00,000
(In RMB ¥) (30000 ¥) (30000 ¥) (30000 ¥)
Hostel Fees Rs 60,000 Rs 60,000 Rs 60,000
(In RMB ¥) (6000 ¥) (6000 ¥) (6000 ¥)
Misc Fixed Fees Rs 12,000 Rs 12,000 Rs 12,000
(In RMB ¥) (1200 ¥) (1200 ¥) (1200 ¥)
Yearly Total Rs 3,72,000 Rs 3,72,000 Rs 3,72,000
Payments in India
Grand Total
Rs 3,72,000 Rs 3,72,000 Rs 3,72,000
  1. All Calculations are done on the basis of 1 RMB ¥ = Rs 10.00, Final payments in China will be in RMB ¥ only.
  2. The above cost does not include food, books, airfare (airfare only 1st time, one way included in our package)
  3. 6th Year Internship is compulsory in this University. Students will pay 1 year charges in the 6th year. 

NO HIDDEN COST in our Package. 

Scholarships: Scholarships here are given on the basis of a Scholarship test. 

OTHER EXPENSES (not included in the package):

  • Food cost: @ Rs 10000 to Rs 12000 per month, depending on food habits.
  • Pocket expenses: Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 per month, depending on spending habits. 
  • Mobile Sim & WiFi charges 30 to 40 RMB per month. 
  • Electricity expenses in the hostel: 150 Units free per room.
  • Security Deposit : Refundable hostel security deposit of 1000 RMB may be required.
  • Currency Exchange Charges: Rs 3,000 to Rs 8,000 per Year, depending on your bank. 
  • Airfare during Holidays: At actual approx Rs 11,000 one side per Year.
  • Books: 1st Year Rs 6000. Other years Rs 3000 per Year. 
  • One time Medical Test in India before visa: Rs 1,500 approx depending on your Lab. 

We have mentioned all major and minor expenses that can happen. No other Agency will explain to you such elaborately.  

To get a Confirmed seat, BOOK NOW. Make a payment of Rs 50,000/- direct to our Bank account. Send all scan copies of documents required via Email to

The issue of Admission Letters will start in June 2020.

Guangzhou Medical University Admission Important Tips

Kindly note (to understand clearly "Why Omkar Medicom package is authentic and how do other Agencies mislead through their Package")

  • Our Package has NO HIDDEN COST.
  • We do not charge any extra for JW Paper / Ministry papers / Apostille/ Authorization etc 
  • We do not charge any extra for Airfare (1st time)
  • We do not charge any extra for Visa, and we guarantee 100% Visa for our students.

Do you know what Other Agencies or Educational Consultants do??? 

Maximum other Agencies will quote you Rs 1,55,000 or Rs 2,00,000 as their Consultancy charge, pretending that they are cheap.

But in the bottom of their mail they will write 2 or 3 points in small fonts:

  • JW Charges – Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,50,000
  • "You can buy your ticket separately or can buy Travel Package by XYZ Agency."
  • "You can do your own Visa and Air ticket at your will, or if we do, then you will pay us Rs 75,000 or at actual, whichever higher."

Plus, they will write in their mail, "You can join the group of students who are going to ABC University." This clearly means that they will never accompany the student from India to China. 95% of other agencies only make a false promise, but they never accompany the students to China as they don't have that capacity too.

Why Omkar Medicom is unique and special and Trusted by All? 

  • We visit every university in China and other countries a minimum of four times a year. We do this to check out how our students are performing there. 
  • We never have, and we will not ever keep anything as HIDDEN COST. We do not want the students to face any problems related to money after reaching China. 
  • That is why we have explained everything clearly on our website and here in this mail. Even after this, if you require any clarification on any matter, kindly call us anytime to clear your doubts. We will be happy to remove all your doubts. 
  • We are the only Consultancy in India, linked directly with 36 Chinese University Authority, and we have no Chinese partner in between us. 
  • One of our partners is an Indian Doctor who lives in China for 12 years and who knows the Chinese language almost like his mother tongue. 
  • So all the Universities have given us the responsibility to explain the real facts and figures to the students and their parents before they can decide to study in China.

Guangzhou Medical University Salient Points

Salient Features of Guangzhou Medical University:

  • MBBS course started in 1958, only a few Universities in China have this kind of long experience. 
  • Guangzhou Medical University has two main campuses. The Yue Xiu Campus & the Panyu campus. Panyu is the new campus covering an area of 247 acres entirely. 
  • Not far to India (only 5 hrs journey). So airfare is also low. (Rs 11,000/- approx, one side)
  • Many Canteens within the campus with average Veg and Non-veg food. Students who wish to cook can cook also.
  • Indian books followed, plus some American books; MCI syllabus. This University has got a good passing rate in MCI, NMC, and USMLE.
  • Till last year the % of girl students was nearly 40%, this year we expect it to rise to 45%. 
  • All the hostel rooms are two sharing and have a balcony, air-conditioner, separate bunk bed, different study table, and Oriental style attached bath.
  • There is a total of eight affiliated Hospitals & 11 other affiliated Hospitals with a daily inflow of 10,000+ patients.
  • Chances of doing PG later on at a very nominal rate and maybe free too if the student can get 70% plus marks throughout all the semesters and take the job of House staff in those eight hospitals.    

Unlike many other agencies, we have explained everything in detail before you take any decision so that the student or the parent does not face any problem due to any unknown or hidden cost.

Guangzhou Medical University Eligibility

Eligibility for Guangzhou Medical University:

  • Age: 18 to 25 as on 30th October in the year of admission.
  • Class 12 marks: good percentage in class 12 board exam (minimum 60% in each of PCBE)
  • NEET marks: Minimum 200. 
  • Excellent skill in English. 
  • We will accept only English medium students for this University as University may take a test in English after reaching China.
  • Good health and proper mental condition, following the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.
  • Good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.

GMU Application Documents Required

Documents Required along with Booking or Application:

  • Scanned copy of Application Form duly filled in by the student along with a photo (45 x 35mm, white background) pasted on it. Plz, send a scanned copy of the photo separately. A proper Digital soft copy is preferable. 
  • Scanned copy of Class 10, 12 mark sheet and certificates. Students who will appear 10+2 board exam in 2020, for them Class 10 mark sheet is required for Booking of seats. Those students will send their Internet marks sheet and Final Marks sheet copy as soon as they get in May 2020.
  • Scanned copy of 1st page and last page of passport if the passport is already ready. Booking and Admission can be done without a passport, but it will be required before processing the JW202 and then Visa. So those who will book, please apply for your passports immediately. 
  • Adhaar card copy of student and parents (of parents reqd for those students who are below 18 )
  • Guarantee Letter of Guardian
  • Students Resume
  • Please make Pan Card ( student ) as it will be required later to make your Forex card. 

 Please mail or upload to us colored scanned copy always. Do not scan from xerox copies.

Contact us here  

Limited seats, so book now.

 Plz contact Mr Bhaumik @ +919163195767 if you require any more clarification. 

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