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Guangxi Medical University | Advantages & Features of MBBS Study

Why should you study MBBS in Guangxi Medical University School Of International Education (GXMU)? 
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Established in 1934.

Established in 1934 in Nanning city of China.

MCI approved from 2007.

MCI approved Guangxi Medical University from 2007.

200 + Indian students studying here now.

At present, there are 745 international students, out of which 200 students are from India only.

Grade-C University.

Guangxi Medical University is a Grade-C university in China. It is among the best 45 medical universities in the country. Please note that a C-Grade University in China is 100 times better than an A-Grade University of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, or other countries.

Nanning city is known as Green City of China.

Being almost pollution-free, Nanning, the city of Guangxi Medical University, is known as the Green City of China.

Located near to Kolkata or Delhi.

Nanning is well connected with Delhi and Kolkata. Only 3.50 hours from Kolkata and 5.50 hrs from Delhi.

Living cost low.

Nanning city living cost is low compared to Tier 1 cities like Beijing or Shanghai.

GXMU has a total Campus area of 45 acres.

GXMU has a vast campus of 45 acres located in the center of Nanning city, the capital of Guangxi province.

Indian food is available inside campus.

There are three canteens within the campus of Guangxi Medical University. In these canteens, standard veg and non-veg Indian food are available.

Hostel Rooms are within campus

GXMU has small but modern hostel rooms within the campus. All rooms are two sharing and have AC, Room Heater, Separate beds, Study Table, almirah, etc. Rooms have attached bath with geyser.

GXMU has 12 Affiliated Hospitals.

Guangxi has 12 affiliated hospitals, out of which three are directly affiliated with the University.

Guangxi Medical University Fee Structure

Total 5 Year's Package is Rs 25,14,000/-, All Inclusive except food cost. NO HIDDEN COST


Rs 2,00,000
Payments Break Up Given Below.
With Application: Rs 1,00,000.
After Acceptance Letter: Rs 1,00,000.
Payments in India only in 1st Year.
Total Payments including everything in 1st Yr

1st year in china

¥ 63,400
Payments Break Up Given Below.
Tuition Fees: ¥ 35,000.
Hostel Fees: ¥ 6,000.
Insurance, Residency, Bedding etc: ¥ 22,400.
(It includes MCI coaching Fees).
Total Payments 2nd to 5th Yr / per Yr (all incl)

other year's in china

¥ 42,000
Payments Break Up Given Below.
Tuition Fee: ¥ 35,000.
Hostel Fee: ¥ 6,000.
Residency: ¥ 1,000.

Guangxi Medical University Eligibility for MBBS in China Admission

  • These are essential Eligibility Criteria. But please note that Criteria becomes harder along with the admission phase.
  • So if you apply early, you will get admission to this low fees University even with a few low marks.
  • University will ask for 80% and above when 60% of seats get filled up.
  • So its always better to apply now and secure a confirmed seat. Do not wait for your exam results to come.
Age: 17 to 25 as on 30th July of the year of Admission.
Class 12 marks: Must be least 70 % in PCB and in English.
Only low marks CBSE student admission is possible only if you apply early. With all documents and application amounts.
NEET marks: Qualified.
Good English skill.
Good health and proper mental condition (as per stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China).
Good moral character. Students must follow the rules and regulations (of the Chinese government and the University).

Weather of Nanning city

Nanning weather is characterized by plenty of sunshine and rainfall, all year-round. The highest temperature is about 33-34 °C, and the lowest is about 7 °C. Due to this mild climate of Nanning, the trees of the city are green all year. Hence it is called The Green City. One must take an umbrella as it may rain anytime in Nanning.
April to August : 26 ° C to 34 ° C
Nov to February: 10 ° C to  15 ° C

Guangxi Medical University details

  • GXMU was established in 1934.
  • This University is under the direct control of the Central Government of China.
  • Guangxi has 12 affiliated hospitals.
  • Guangxi Medical University is among the top 45 universities in China.

History of Guangxi Medical University

1934: Established as Guangxi Provincial Medical College.
1940: The College moved to Guilin.
1949: Renamed to Guangxi Province Medical School.
1953: Renamed as Guangxi Medical College by the Central Ministry of Health.
1954: The college was moved from Guilin to Nanning.
1996: Renamed as the present Guangxi Medical University.

International Medical Students

At present, 745 international medical students are studying MBBS in English here. Out of them, 200 are from India. Besides, students are from 19 more countries. Like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, and some African countries.

Guangxi Medical University Campus.

The university has two campuses.
The main campus and
The southern campus.
In total, it covers an area of 860,000 square meters.

Hostel for International Students

Guangxi Medical University has 1-star hotel type small hostel rooms. Mostly are 2-sharing, but few single rooms also available. All the rooms have air-conditioner, color TV, and internet access. The rooms are attached with bathroom fitted with geyser for 24 hours hot water. 
Students will pay for electricity, water, and the internet as per usage.

Guangxi Government Scholarship

There is One kind of Scholarship in Guangxi Medical University. Scholarships mostly depend on the semester results in China. This scholarship is known as Guangxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students.

Affiliated Hospitals of Guangxi Medical University

Currently, Guangxi Medical University has 81 practice bases of clinical teaching which includes;
Three directly affiliated hospitals,
7 community health service centers,
15 training bases for extramural postgraduates, and
One training base for medical humanities skills.

The Affiliated Hospitals of Guangxi Medical University.

The Three Affiliated Hospitals of Guangxi Medical University are all level-3 Hospitals. These are;

  • The First Affiliated Hospital,
  • The Affiliated Tumor Hospital, and
  • The Affiliated Stomatology Hospital.

International Communication and Cooperation of GXMU

Guangxi Medical University maintains a relation of international academic exchanges and established stable educational communication channels and cooperative ties. GXMU has sent more than 3,000 outstanding teachers and scientific research personnel to the universities and hospitals of more than 50 countries around the world. These countries include the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand. Meanwhile, Guangxi Medical University has received more than 4,000 experts and scholars from 40 countries and regions to access, teach, communicate, and cooperate with scientific research.

Guangxi Medical University also offers 31 Disciplines in MD/MS & Doctoral / Ph.D. degree. Some of these are:

  • Physiology, Human Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology.
  • Immunology, Pathogenic Organisms, Pathology,
  • Forensic Medicine, Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Medical Neurobiology, Medical Physiology, 
  • Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Psychiatry, and Mental Health. 
  • Dermatology and Venereology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.
  • Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

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Guangxi Medical University Contact Details
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CAMPUS: No. 22 Shuangyong Road, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, PR China, 530021.   

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