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China Medical University Shenyang

Study MBBS in China Medical University Shenyang | Take Admission in Top 10 medical colleges in China. MCI Approved Chinese Medical Universities.

MBBS in China Medical University

China Medical University Fee Structure

Tuition & Hostel Fees Included, except Food Cost and Consultancy Fees, NO HIDDEN COST
China Medical University Fees
One of the oldest Government Medical College in China
Payments in China 1st Yr 2nd to
5th Yr
All Fees 40000 ¥ 40000 ¥ (Yearly Tuition Fee)
(INR) (Rs 4,00,000) (Rs 4,00,000)
Hostel 7000 ¥ 7000 ¥ (Single Room Hostel
inside Campus)
(INR) (70,000) (70,000)
Misc Fees 6100 ¥ 1600 ¥ (Registration,
Residency, Insurance etc)
(INR) (61,000) (16,000)
Total 53100 ¥
(Rs 5,31,000)
48600 ¥
(Rs 4,86,000)
247500 ¥
(Rs 24,75,000)
Total Fees of China Medical University
Consultancy Fee is EXTRA and it includes Visa Expenses in India, 1st Time Airfare from Delhi to Shenyang, Invitation Charges
University Hostel is not available for this University from 4th Year.
6th Year's Internship in Compulsory in this University.

China Medical University Shenyang | Advantages & Features

Why study MBBS in China Medical University Shenyang in English medium? 
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China Medical University World Rank is 1270.

China Medical University World Rank is 1270. Same year AIIMS Delhi, the best medical college in India, rank is 1681.

China Medical University is A + grade.

CMU is a A + grade among Chinese medical Universities. It is among the best ten universities in China.

CMU has a history of 80 years.

CMU has a history of 80 years. It is one of the oldest Chinese medical university to start MBBS admission in English medium.

800 international students studying here.

Currently, 800 plus international students are studying at China Medical University Shenyang. They are from India, Bangladesh, Yemen, and all African countries.
CMU has two campuses, Heping and Puhe Road. Heping is the City campus where the hospitals are located. The Puhe Road is the new campus for students upto 3rd Year.

MCI syllabus followed at CMU.

Indian books followed, plus some American books. MCI syllabus.

CMU also follows PBL system.

China Medical University Shenyang also follows the PBL system. PBL is Problem Based Learning. It is the most modern and long-time American pattern of study — only a few Chinese Medical Universities have a PBL system.

Canteen is available at CMU Puhe Campus.

One multi-storied canteen is within the Puhe campus. One floor is absolutely for Vegetarian students. In the Heping campus, students will have to cook.
Single sharing room available in the Puhe campus of China Medical University Shenyang. No hostel is available on the Heping campus. Students will rent an apartment from 4th year near to the Heping campus.
CMU has 3 modern super specialty affiliated hospitals. The Shengjing Hospital (4700 bedded) is located inside the Heping campus. It is famous for its Gynecology and Obstetrics. 

Weather is extreme cold in Shenyang.

CMU weather is freezing in winter. Temperature goes down to -16 °C in January. Summers are pleasant. The highest temperature in July/August is 29 °C. Heavy Snowfall from December to February.

Scholarships from CMU.

Liaoning Government Scholarship is to promote the development of higher education of International students and attract them for China Medical University admission.

PG (MD / MS) possible Free

Students can do PG Free or at a very nominal rate. You try to get 70% plus marks throughout all the semesters. You must maintain good behavior and attendance.

China Medical University Admission Eligibility for International Students

  • These are essential Eligibility Criteria. But please note that Criteria becomes harder along with the admission phase.
  • So if you apply early, you will get admission to this popular University even with a few low marks.
  • University will ask for PCB 85% and above when 60% of seats get filled up.
  • So its always better to apply now and secure a confirmed seat. Do not wait for your exam results to come.
Age: 18 to 30 as on 31 December in the year of admission.
Class 12 marks: PCB 80%.
NEET marks: NEET qualified.
Good English skill.
Good health and proper mental condition. (as per stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China).
Good moral character. Students must follow the rules and regulations (of the Chinese government and the University).
Only for CMU parents Bank Statement with minimum Rs 5 lac last balance required.

Weather of China Medical University, Shenyang city

Shenyang has a temperate climate. Monsoons are frequent all year round. The lowest recorded temperature is -28 °C, and the highest is 36 °C. July is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 24 °C. January is the coldest month with the lowest average temperature of about -16 °C.


April to August: 10 ° C to 24 ° C


Nov to February: 1 ° C to -16 ° C

China Medical University details

  • CMU has 2 campuses, located in Shenyang city in north-east China.
  • This Chinese Medical University is under the direct control of the Central Government.
  • It is one of the oldest English medium MBBS university in China.
  • CMU is among the top 10 Chinese Medical Universities.

Achievements of CMU

CMU has trained so far, nearly 8 million senior medical professionals. Among the Graduates from CMU;

  • Over a hundred people serve as deputy ministerial level or above,
  • Nine people serve as a minister, deputy minister of Ministry of Health, 
  • More than 40 are generals, 
  • Fourteen are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

International Medical Students

At present, 800 international students study in CMU from India, almost all Asian and African countries. In recent years, its MBBS program in the English medium has reached a leading level in China. After the start of the new campus at Puhe Road, living conditions, the perfection of teaching and administration have improved a lot.

CMU Campus

CMU has two campuses. Heping or Main campus and Puhe or Shenbei campus. 
in these 2 campuses, there are 33 Colleges and Departments.
Some of these are:

  • Two national research base,
  • One key laboratory of the Ministry of Education,
  • One national key laboratory training base.
  • 3 Chinese Medicine Research Laboratory,
  • Six research center of Liaoning Province,
  • Thirty-two medical centers of Liaoning Province.

Hostel for International Students

On-Campus Hostel in Puhe Road campus. 
CMU Puhe campus has 2-star hotel type hostel rooms. All are single rooms, few with balcony. All the rooms have air-conditioner, room heater, and internet access. Students will pay for electricity, water, and the internet as per usage. Girls and Boys hostel buildings are separate. 
Off-Campus Accommodation in Heping campus. Clinical classes of China Medical University are done on the Heping campus. Heping is 24 km away from Puhe Road. There is no hostel in Heping. So international students from the 4th year will stay in apartments near to Heping.

Scholarships in CMU.

Liaoning Government Scholarship is to promote the development of higher education of International students and attract them to take admission in China Medical University Shenyang. 
Every year 10 Outstanding students will get this scholarship. Approximate amount is Rs 1 Lac per year. 

Affiliated Hospitals of China Medical University

CMU has three affiliated hospitals and 1 Special hospital. These are:

  • The First Hospital of CMU,
  • Shengjing Hospital of CMU,
  • The Fourth Affiliated Hospital of CMU and
  • The Hospital of Stomatology.

The hospitals of this Chinese Medical University have a high reputation in northeast China. These have a total number of more than 11000 beds.

Shengjing Hospital is the 2nd affiliated Hospital of China Medical University 

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University is the 2nd affiliated Hospital of CMU. The Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the city of Liaoning Province.  is the 2nd affiliated Hospital of CMU. The Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the city of Liaoning Province.

Shengjing Hospital is the 2nd affiliated Hospital of CMU. The Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the city of Liaoning Province. 

There is; 

  • 6000 + staff in the Hospital, 
  • including 4200 health professional and technical personnel, 
  • 600 professors and associate professors; 
  • 120 doctoral tutors, 
  • 236 master's tutors.

Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University has;

  • 25 secondary medical subjects, 
  • 62 tertiary medical subjects, 
  • 94 medical technology departments. 
  • The Hospital has a total number of 4400 beds, 
  • the annual outpatients and emergency treatments are 24 million, 
  • the annual amount of discharged patients is 10.6 million, 
  • 5.6 million cases in surgery, 
  • total assets over 2.63 billion RMB.

The Hospital has more than 

  • 5000 units of advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, including 
  • China's first 256 slice spiral CT, 
  • Northeast China's first 3.0T magnetic resonance, 
  • 64 row CT, PET-CT, X-ray knife, 
  • Linear accelerator, 
  • 3D-4D color Doppler ultrasound, 
  • Gamma knife and confocal fiber electronic endoscope, etc.

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CMU PUHE CAMPUS: N0.77 Puhe Road, Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China, 110122.   
CMU HEPING CAMPUS: 36 Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China.   

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