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Anhui Medical University | Low Fee Top University in China for MBBS

Anhui Medical University is the Best MBBS in China Low Fees

Anhui Medical University | Take MBBS Admission in Low Fees Top University in China | Full English Medium. World Rank 1839. Total fees per year Rs 3.44 Lac.

Anhui Medical University Fee Structure

All Inclusive Fees except Food Cost, NO HIDDEN COST
Anhui Medical University Fee Structure 2020
Payments in China
1st Year 2nd Year
Tuition Fees Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,00,000
(In RMB ¥) (30000 ¥) (30000 ¥)
Hostel Fees Rs 40,000 Rs 40,000
(In RMB ¥) (4000 ¥) (4000 ¥)
Misc Fixed Fees Rs 40,000 Rs 4,000
(In RMB ¥) (4000 ¥) (400 ¥)
Yearly Total Rs 3,80,000 Rs 3,44,000
Payments in India
1st Payment
(Along with Application)
Rs 50,000 NIL
2nd Payment
(After Acceptance Letter)
Rs 3,00,000 NIL
Grand Total
Rs 7,30,000 Rs 3,44,000
Anhui Medical University Fee (3rd - 5th Year)
Payments in China
3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fees Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,00,000 Rs 3,00,000
(In RMB ¥) (30000 ¥) (30000 ¥) (30000 ¥)
Hostel Fees Rs 40,000 Rs 40,000 Rs 40,000
(In RMB ¥) (4000 ¥) (4000 ¥) (4000 ¥)
Misc Fixed Fees Rs 4,000 Rs 4,000 Rs 4,000
(In RMB ¥) (400 ¥) (400 ¥) (400 ¥)
Yearly Total Rs 3,44,000 Rs 3,44,000 Rs 3,44,000
Payments in India
Grand Total
Rs 3,44,000 Rs 3,44,000 Rs 3,44,000

Anhui Medical University Images

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Anhui Medical University MBBS Study Advantages & Features

Why should you study MBBS in Anhui Medical University School Of International Education (AHMU)? 
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Anhui Medical University World Rank 1839.

Anhui Medical University World Rank is 1839. Same year AIIMS Delhi, the best medical college in India, rank is 1681.

A + Grade University.

AHMU is a A + grade medical university in China. As a result, It is a top-ranking university in the world and among the Best 10 in China.

Established in 1926.

Established in 1926 in Shanghai, moved to Anhui in 1952.

MCI approved from 2009.

MCI approved Anhui Medical University from 2009. Every year 40 Indian students take admission in Anhui Medical University.

17000 students studying here now.

At present, there are 17,000 students, out of which 400 students are studying in English medium. International students are 80% from India only.

Anhui Medical University close to Shanghai.

Very near to Shanghai. Only 2.25 hours by bullet train. Bullet trains available every 45 minutes.

Located in Hefei City with an International airport.

AHMU location in Hefei city, Anhui province. Hefei is one of the 15 most significant cities in China. Hefei International airport has a direct or one-stop connection with all major cities in the world.

Located near to Kolkata or Delhi.

Hefei, the city of AHMU, is well connected with Delhi and Kolkata. Only 5 hours from Kolkata and 7.30 hrs from Delhi.

Low Fees MBBS in China.

Anhui Medical University is one of the Low Fees MBBS in China Top Rank University with a Total Package of only Rs 21 Lac.

Living cost low.

Hefei city is the 11th position in China. Living cost very low compared to Tier 1 cities like Beijing or Shanghai.

Vast Campus of 212 Acres.

AHMU has a vast campus of 212 acres located in the center of Hefei city.

Indian food & Halal food is available.

Four canteens are within the campus. In these canteens, standard veg and non-veg Indian food are available. One halal canteen also there for the benefit of Muslim students.

Hostel Rooms are within campus

All hostel rooms are two sharing and have AC, Room Heater, Separate beds, Study Table, almirah, etc. Rooms have attached bath with geyser.

AHMU has 10 direct Affiliated Hospitals.

Anhui has 24 directly affiliated teaching units. Ten affiliated hospitals, plus 42 clinical schools and 37 teaching hospitals.

34 Super Specialty Labs & 46 Research Institutes.

This University has 34 super facility laboratories inside the campus. The university owns 46 research institutes.

Confirmed Scholarships for Omkar Medicom students.

All Omkar Medicom students will get Scholarships from the 1st year of December. Scholarships are based on 12 board marks, NEET marks, and one Scholarship Test. In 2019, 40% of the Omkar Medicom students have got a Scholarship of Rs 2 Lac each. 

PG (MD / MS) possible Free

Students can do PG Free or at a very nominal rate. You try to get 70% plus marks throughout all the semesters. You must maintain good behavior and attendance.

Anhui Medical University Fee Structure 2020

Total 5 Year's Package is Rs 21,06,000/-, All Inclusive except food cost. NO HIDDEN COST


Rs 3,50,000
With Application: Rs 50,000.
After Acceptance Letter: Rs 3,00,000.
Payments in India only in 1st Year.
Total Payments including everything in 1st Yr

1st year in china

¥ 38,000
Payments Break Up Given Below.
Tuition Fees: ¥ 30,000.
Hostel Fees: ¥ 4,000.
Insurance, Residency, Bedding etc: ¥ 4,000.
(Full course Medical Insurance included).
Total Payments 2nd to 5th Yr / per Yr (all incl)

other year's in china

¥ 34,400
Payments Break Up Given Below.
Tuition Fee: ¥ 30,000.
Hostel Fee: ¥ 4,000.
Residency: ¥ 400.

Anhui Medical University Admission Reviews

Google Verified Reviews of Anhui Medical University and Omkar Medicom
Teena Joy
Teena Joy
Teena Joy

We thank Mr. Bhaumik and team for their professional service provided to us from the time of admission for our son in 2014 till now.

Soumi Deb
Soumi Deb
Soumi Deb

Omkar Medicom has been a saviour to my MBBS course all through out. They help you in the best way possible and is the best to widen up your field focus. Thank you:)

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Why Omkar Medicom is the Best MBBS Abroad Consultant?

Anhui Medical University Pictures

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Anhui Medical University MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria

  • These are essential Anhui Medical University MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria. But please note that Criteria becomes harder along with the admission phase.
  • So if you apply early, you will get admission to this low fees University even with a few low marks.
  • University will ask for 70% and above when 60% of seats get filled up.
  • So its always better to apply now and secure a confirmed seat. Do not wait for your exam results to come.
Age: 17 to 26 as on 30th July of the year of Admission.
Class 12 marks: Must be least 60 % in Theory in PCB, and 60 in English.
Only low marks CBSE student admission is possible only if you apply early. With all documents and application amounts.
NEET marks: Minimum NEET qualified marks required for Anhui Medical University Admission.
Good English skill required for Anhui Medical University Admission.
Good health and proper mental condition (as per stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China).
Good moral character. Students must follow the rules and regulations (of the Chinese government and the University).

Weather of Hefei city

Located in Hefei city in China. Hefei has a subtropical monsoon type with four distinct seasons.


April to August : 16 ° C to 28 ° C
Nov to February: 3 ° C to  11 ° C

Anhui Medical University Photos

Anhui Medical University Indian students 017Anhui Medical University Indian students 018Low Fees MBBS college Labs 009Anhui Medical University Library 004

Anhui Medical University details

  • AHMU is one of the oldest Medical University in China.
  • This University is under the direct control of the Anhui Provincial Government.
  • Anhui has 30 hospitals. Among those 11 affiliated hospitals and five directly affiliated to the University.
  • Anhui Medical University is among the top 15 universities in China.

History of AHMU

This University was 1st known as Shanghai Southeast Medical College. Founded in Shanghai in 1926. Relocated to Anhui Province in 1949. It became the first medical college of Anhui Province.

International Medical Students

At present more than 400 medical students are studying MBBS in English here. Most of the students are from India. Besides, students are from 40 more countries. Like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, USA, Canada, Korea, South America, Africa and EU countries.

Anhui Medical University Campus.

The university has two campuses. 

  • The main campus and 
  • The southern campus.
  • In total, it covers an area of 860,000 square meters. 

Hostel for International Students

Anhui Medical University has 2-star hotel type hostel rooms. Mostly are 2-sharing, but few single rooms also available. All the rooms have air-conditioner, color TV, and internet access. All rooms are attached with bathroom fitted with geyser for 24 hours hot water. 
Students will pay for electricity, water, and the internet as per usage.

All Omkar Medicom Students will get a Scholarship.

All Omkar Medicom students will get a scholarship at Anhui Medical University. So far, all our students have got a scholarship. Scholarship amount depends on 12 board marks, NEET marks, attendance, and a scholarship test. Scholarship amount starts from Rs 30,000 up to Rs 3,00,000 per year. 
This University has many kinds of Scholarship categories:

1) Scholarship of Anhui Provincial Government

2)Scholarship of AHMU

  • Zhang Xiqi.
  • Qihang.
  • Eli Lilly Scholarship for International Students.
  • Outstanding International Students.

In 2019, 40% of all Omkar Medicom students have got a Scholarship of Rs 2 Lac each.

Affiliated Hospitals of AHMU

AHMU has over 30 hospitals. Eleven affiliated hospitals and five directly affiliated to the university. 

  • The First Affiliated Hospital
  • The Second Affiliated Hospital, and 
  • The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital

These 3 affiliated hospitals have a total number of more than 4000 patient-beds only for students to practice or for rotation.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University

It is the largest integrated teaching hospital of Anhui Province. It is a complete complex of:

  • Medical treatment,
  • Teaching,
  • Scientific Research,
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation,
  • First aid, and
  • Emergency base of medical treatment in Anhui Province.
The hospital now has:
  • 2825 beds,
  • 41 clinical departments,
  • 19 medical laboratories,
  • 26 clinical teaching and research departments,
  • Yearly outpatient visits more than 2.62 million.

Anhui Medical University Snapshots

Anhui Medical University Indian students 019Indian students shopping in hefeiLow Fees MBBS college Hospitals 006Anhui Medical University Library 004Anhui Medical University Campus 011Dr Majumdar with Indian student 020

International Communication and Cooperation of AHMU

Anhui has close links with medical colleges of Asia, Europe, and American countries.
The National Institutes of Health, NIH (USA). 
Harvard University (USA). 
Mayo Clinic (USA).  
Sino-Canada Children Foundation (Canada).  
Alberta International Education (Canada).  
University of Bari (Italy).  
Karolinska Medical Instutet (Sweden).  
Allergy Research Center of Denmark.  
University of Ulm (Germany).  
University of Heidelberg (Germany).  
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (Germany).  
Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (Germany).  
Brain Research Institute of Royal Academy of Social Science (Netherlands).  
Middlesex University (Britain).  
University of Franche-Comté (France).  
University of Waikato (New Zealand).  
Hanseo University (Korea).  
Semui Institute (Japan).  
Chiba University (Japan).  
National Orel University (Russia).  

Anhui Medical University also offers 46 Disciplines in MD/MS & Doctoral / Ph.D. degree. Some of these are:

  • Physiology, Human Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology.
  • Immunology, Pathogenic Organisms, Pathology, and Pathophysiology.
  • Forensic Medicine, Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Medical Neurobiology, Medical Physiology, and Chronobiology. 
  • Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Mental Health. 
  • Dermatology and Venereology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.
  • Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

Anhui Medical University Videos

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ANHUI MEDICAL University is the Best LOW FEES MBBS in China.

AHMU is one of the Best Low Fees MBBS in China in English Medium for Indian students. If you wish to study mbbs in abroad in low fees, then take admission in Anhui.
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Low Fees MBBS in AHMU affiliated hospital


Anhui Medical University 1st Affiliated Hospital. This hospital and another hospital is located inside the campus. AHMU is one of the best Low Fees MBBS in the world.
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AHMU Contact Details
Anhui Medical University Medical Campus Location Map
Anhui Medical University Map
+8613036883342, +8618778018394
+919163195767, +919831762263
+919911995956, +919871059601


MEDICAL CAMPUS: Meishan Road 81,Hefei,Anhui,P.R China,230032.   

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