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    Schedule of Payments in India
    For Indian Students
For Non Indian
  Along with Booking of Seat
      Rs 50,000/-
     770 USD
  After getting the Admission Letter
    Rs 2,50,000/-
    3845 USD
  Total Payment in India
    Rs 3,00,000/-
    4615 USD


2018 Session, Rs 21,34,000 Total
                                                    (All Included, NO HIDDEN COST,  only Food expenses extra)
The total Package is Rs 21,34,000 approx  to be paid in yearly installments as the following:

1ST YEAR IN INDIA:        (Only 80 seats for Indian students in 2018)

Xinjiang Medical University is approved by MCI right from 2002.
English medium MBBS is taught here from 1982.
World Rank: 4706 ( better than almost all medical colleges in India, except AIIMS)

All payments in India will be made in Indian Rupees only direct to AB Global Bank account.
All payments in China will be made in RMB ( Chinese Yuan ), direct to University Bank account, 1 RMB = Rs 9.30 ( as on
09.04.2017 ). There will be always some currency exchange fluctuations.

Xinjiang Medical University 1st year Expenses

: Rs 7,86,000 /- (including all, except food)

Xinjiang Medical University 2nd to 5th year Expenses

: Rs 3,37,000/- (including all, except food)

Full 1st year's Fees advance deposit is required direct to University Bank account after getting the Admission Letter.

We provide  Coordinator's service for all Indian students (travelling from India ) who will accompany with the student up to the
University. The coordinator will also set up everything for the student there in China like Hostel Room Allotment, Medical
Check Up in China, Medical Insurance, Residency Permit in the 1st year, so that the student will feel at home there.

No other Consultancy can do these essential duties for the students since no one, other than us, know Chinese Language very
well plus most of the Consultancies do not have direct access in the University.

Food Cost : approx Rs 6,000 per month
Pocket Money: approx Rs 2,000 per month
Bank transfer charges / Currency Exchange charges
Any charges related to supplementary test, retest due to the failure in normal scheduled test  in any semester
in any year.

Charges in India includes the Following:
01. University Development Fees ( This constitutes 55% of our charges ).
02. Airfare one Side from Delhi / Kolkata to University / College
03. Visa charges with 100% Visa Guarantee
04. Authorization of Documents Charges
05. Legalization and Attestation of Documents Charges
06. Admission Letter from University
07. JW or Visa paper from Beijing
08. Courier of Admission Letter and other Documents from China
09. Arranging and sending students to China in batches
10. Accompanying with students from India to China
11. Immigration Clearance in China
12. Transfer from nearest airport to University by bus
13. Arranging proper hostel for students
14. Assistance in Visa extension and registration in Government departments in China
15. Assisting in Medical Check Up and Medical Insurance in China
16. Most important .. Overall total care of the students in China for 5 years

Xinjiang Medical University Address:
393 Xinyi Rd, Xinshi, Wulumuqi, Xinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu, China, 830011
Phone : 8618204003870

Xinjiang Medical University, Aggregate Rating: rating Value - 4.5, Rating count - 406, Review Count - 59
   1st Year
   2nd Year
   3rd Year
   4th Year
   5th Year
   Tuition Fees
30,000 RMB
   30,000 RMB
   30,000 RMB
   30,000 RMB
   30,000 RMB
   Hostel Fees
  4,500 RMB
     4,500 RMB
     4,500 RMB
     4,500 RMB
     4,500 RMB
  16,700 RMB
     1,000 RMB
     1,000 RMB
     1,000 RMB
     1,000 RMB
   Yearly Total
51,200 RMB
   35,500 RMB
    35,500 RMB
   35,500 RMB
   35,500 RMB
   (IN INR
  Rs 4,86,000
   Rs 3,37,000
   Rs 3,37,000
   Rs 3,37,000
   Rs 3,37,000
MCI approved medical universities in China 2018

Xinjiang Medical University MBBS China

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+919871059601 (Delhi)
+919840961078 (South India)
+8618204003870 (China)
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