Traveling Tips and Guidelines in China



2.Air Tickets (We will have copy of that)

3.Copy of the Visa (We will keep the Original Passport and Visa and will hand over to the student in the airport)

4.Copy of Admission letter (We will too have a copy of that)

5.Foreign expense for Fees and Living expenses. (Fees in USD + 600 USD min)***

6. Original and Copies of all Educational certificates obtained in your country of origin from 10th std.

7.Medicines like Vomiting Tablets, Acidity, Loose motion, Cotton for ears and ear drops, any other medicine as per instruction by the doctor of the student.

While Travelling

Keep your check in bag weight within 20 kgs and hand bag weight within 7 kgs

Any excess baggage will be chargeable by the airlines (Rs 1000/- per kg approx). Please note that the weight of baggage at home and at airport will always vary due to unknown reasons. So please carry enough local currency and RMB, so that excess baggage can be paid for.

Always carry your important documents in your hand bag only. Wear a waist pouch bag to carry money and passport there, or keep all your valuables and documents / passport in your Laptop bag only.

Do not ever accept any parcel from any stranger at the airport.

Do not make any relationship with any unknown co-passenger in the flight, who does not belong to our group.

Do not forget to take along with you your hand bag, pouch, mobile, etc etc while using toilet in the flight or in the airport.

Do not carry gold jewellery  or any other expensive ornaments along with you.

Maintain discipline at the airport and in the flight.

Do not consume any liquor if offered in the flight. If any nuisance caused in the flight will result expulsion from China immediately you land there.

Carry black ball pen to fill the imigration, customs and entry forms in the airport.

Wear shoes which is compulsory for both boys and girls during the travel till you reach the Medical University in China.

Full sleeve shirt with jacket or any other warm clothes are advised while traveling due to low temperature in the flight and in the airports.

Last but not the least…give respect to all the Chinese you come across while your travel to the University and always be polite.

Donts to be followed in China

1. Do not get involved into any sort of any political activity or never make any remarks about any political event in China.

2. Do not even try to pass any lewd remarks to any girls inside the University or outside.

3. Do not fight with any person inside the University or outside.

4. Do not try to steal anything from the shops or departmental stores or anywhere in China.

5. Do not allow a deep fall in percentage of Attendance in the University classes.

6. Do not go out alone outside the University in the 1st year until and unless you know the Chinese language a little bit or else you may not be able to return to the University.

7. Do not try to do any job in China or do not try to help anyone in taking admission in China, neither your brother or sister.  However you can give advice to prospecting students regarding the merits and de - merits of the particular university. The job of admission is solely done only by the authorized consultants. Students will be expelled from the university if caught while doing any sort of any activity which involves accepting money for personal benefit.

In 2012 only, around 24 students were expelled from the Universities in China due to a) Stealing of goods (5 students), b) Fighting in public places (6 students) c) Molesting girls (2 students) d) Poor attendance in Class (1 student) and 10 students for seeking admission of other students.

Please note that China is a very much strict country where everyone abide by the law and in China if a student do any sort of crime then he will be expelled from the University at once.

In China security is thats why in the highest level in the whole world.

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