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MBBS in China in English medium
All our Universities are MCI Approved.
Admissions started for 2018 MBBS IN CHINA IN ENGLISH MEDIUM in some top ranking medical colleges and medical universities
under the MCI Approved Medical Colleges in China list for Indian students.  CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE BOOKING or else
v We are doing admission for 30 Medical Universities in China for 2018 September / October session. 
v Each University has only 30 to 60 quota for Indian students.
v So apply now through to get confirmed admission.
v For MBBS in China Fees structure for Top Medical Colleges in China CLICK HERE.
v 2018 Admission going on for the best medical universities in China like, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China Medical
University, Shandong University, Nanjing Medical University, China Three Gorges University and some other
Medical Universities in China.
v All these   Medical University China are much better than many other Government medical college in China
with medium in English.
v Any Medical university or college is far better than any medical colleges in India.
Just for example take the case of Xi'an Jiaotong University.
World Ranking of Xi'an Jiaotong University - 336
World Ranking of AIIMS, Delhi -  2370
Cheapest Fees for the Best Medical Universities in China English Medium, China MBBS Admission 2018   (1 RMB = Rs 9.50)

2018 Packages of Universities in China. Our Package is inclusive of all expenses like,
5 Yrs Tuition Fees,
5 Yrs Hostel charges,
5 Yrs Residency Permit,
5 Yrs Medical Insurance,
Students Visa Charges,
Air Ticket one way one time from Delhi / Kolkata to University,
1st time Accompanying Charges from India to University,
Our Service charges,
All compulsory miscellaneous Charges in China

NO Hidden Cost. Only Food cost is extra.
Top Ranking Medical Universities in China (most of the following among the Top Ten in China)

These are top most popular among good Indian students, studying medicine in China, due to Academic quality, Max no of Indian
students, Highest percentage of Indian Girl students (40%), Availability of Indian food, Best weather etc.  We are the only MBBS
Consultants in India who admit students in all Best Medical Colleges in China.
Total 5 years MBBS course fee in Top MBBS Universities in China for 2018 September / October session will start from Rs
12,16,000 depending on the Dollar rate . Limited seats, BOOK NOW.
We also do admission also for newly approved by MCI universities.
China MBBS Scholarships are available in all the medical colleges in our list. 
Study MBBS abroad Consultancy
v We are the Only MBBS China Consultants in India, to admit students from all over India, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Oman, Qatar,
Kuwait, Bahrain and also from Africa, and Oceania.
v We are the only one MBBS Consultancy who are directly linked and authorized by the Chinese Medical Universities which
are all WHO approved.
v We do admission in 30 Top and best medical universities in China.
All these Universities are recognized and approved by Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization
(WHO) and Ministry of Education, China (MOE)  where International students can study MBBS in English Medium. MBBS degree in
China is valid all over the world.
In all these low cost MBBS study Universities an International student can get maximum benefits due to: 
Super Facility infrastructure in medical education in China
100 times better than any private medical college in India.
Universities follow the syllabus same as MCI curriculum,
Highest passing rate in MCI test, USMLE and UK Plab.
Maximum number of scholarships available to the International students.

So if you decide to study MBBS in China then look no further. We will provide admission in the proper University according to your
wish and choice.
Advantages in Xi'an, Xinjiang, China Medical University  and other China MBBS in English Medium:
Very low tuition fees and hostel charges and food cost compared to any Country in the whole world.
All these Universities are MCI approved.  
Internship done only China is accepted in India.
First World standard teaching, lab, equipments and other facilities in these medical universities.
All the Universities in China are Government owned
The Chinese teachers are all Post Graduate Doctors and all are IELTS Band 6 passed.
AC Hostel with attached bathroom (similar to 2 Star Hotel Rooms) for International students.
Optional MCI Screening test coaching facility in almost all the universities by our Indian teachers within the
campus and separate classroom for that.
We  can speak English, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese fluently and will be present in  the campus in the initial few days
on behalf of us to look after the students send by us.
Huge number of Scholarship available for international students, depending on their semester results in China.

History : Omkar Medicom, under the flagship of AB Global Group (business house since 1987) is the Medical Education
Consultancy wing and we are continuously assisting and supporting good students who wish to become Doctors and Engineers from
abroad.  Within a short span we have become the Top and Best MBBS Abroad Consultancy in the whole world.
Authorization : We have been Authorized by Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, South East University, China
Three Gorges University, China Medical University, Guangxi, Ningxia, Jiangsu, North Sichuan Medical College, and 15 others
Chinese Medical Universities to recruit students from all over the world for admission to their most prestigious MBBS course.
Students Enrolled : We sent 300 students every year to China who are successfully doing their MBBS course and we are in
constant touch with students all the time. In 2018 we will be sending around 400 students to China alone besides 250 plus to
Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh and Nepal .
Owners : The 2 owners of Omkar Medicom, Mr Subhashish Bhaumik (business person since 1987) and Dr Shamik Majumdar
(doctor settled in China) are constantly visiting the Universities in China, Russia, Ukraine etc almost 8 - 9 times a year. Hence we
can provide the best knowledge to the students and parents before they can decide to take admission.
Offices : We have our own or Associate Branch Offices in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh,
Patna and Assam as on 2018.
Due to all the Top level knowledge and services we provide to our students,  we charge a bit higher, roughly around 10%
extra, than other consultancies. But we deliver 100% extra than any other MBBS Consultancy in the whole world.
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Top 11 Universities, China
1s1st Year  
2nd - 5th Yr
Total 5 Yrs
Seats per Yr
Xian Jiaotong University
Rs 8,38,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 51400 )
Rs 4,76,000
(50100 )
Rs 27,42,000
A + + +
Avg High: 26 C (July)
Avg low: 1 C (Jan)
China Medical University 
Rs 7,95,000
(Rs 3,00,000 + 52100 )
Rs 4,52,000
(47600 )
Rs 26,03,000
A + + +
Avg High: 29 C (July)
Avg low: -16 C (Jan)
South East University
Rs 7,93,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 41400 )
Rs 3,76,000
(39600 )
Rs 22,97,000
A + +
Avg High: 29 C (July)
Avg low: 3 C (Jan)
Shandong University
Rs 8,32,000
(Rs 3,00,000 + 56000 )
Rs 5,28,000
(55600 )
Rs 29,44,000
A + + +
Avg High: 27 C (July)
Avg low: 0 C (Jan)
Nanjing Medical University
Rs 8,32,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 45400 )
Rs 3,84,000
(40400 )
Rs 23,68,000
A + + +
Avg High: 29 C (July)
Avg low: 3 C (Jan)
Zhejiang University
Rs 8,32,000
(Rs 3,00,000 + 50800 )
Rs 4,79,000
(50400 )
Rs 27,48,000
A + + +
Avg High: 33 C (July)
Avg low: 1 C (Jan)
Zhengzhou University
Rs 8,02,000
(Rs 4,00,000 + 42300 )
Rs 3,90,000
(41000 )
Rs 23,62,000
A +
Avg High: 32 C (July)
Avg low: -4 C (Jan)
China Three Gorges
Rs 6,62,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 32800 )
Rs 2,77,000
(29200 )
Rs 17,70,000
A +
Avg High: 32 C (July)
Avg low: 2 C (Jan)
Wenzhou Medical University
Rs 6,98,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 36600 )
Rs 3,36,000
(35400 )
Rs 20,43,000
A +
Avg High: 30 C (July)
Avg low: 6 C (Jan)
Anhui Medical University
Rs 6,98,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 36600 )
Rs 3,36,000
(35400 )
Rs 20,43,000
A +
Avg High: 32 C (July)
Avg low: -1 C (Jan)
Xinjiang Medical University
Rs 7,86,000
(Rs 3,00,000 + 51200 )
Rs 3,37,000
(35500 )
Rs 21,34,000
Avg High: 30 C (July)
Avg low: -17 C (Jan)
Ningxia Medical University
Rs 6,98,000
(Rs 3,50,000 + 36600 )
Rs 3,40,000
(35800 )
Rs 20,58,000
B +
Avg High: 30 C (July)
Avg low: -14 C (Jan)
+919163195767 (Head Office)
+919831762263 (Head Office)
+919871059601 (Delhi)
+919840961078 (South India)
+8618204003870 (China)
Top Full English Medium
new MCI approved Colleges
1s1st Year  
2nd - 5th Yr
Total 5 Yrs
Seats per Yr
Hubei University of
Rs 4,85,000
(Rs 2,50,000 + 24700 )
Rs 2,22,000
(23400 )
Rs 13,73,000
Avg High: 33 C (July)
Avg low: 3 C (Jan)
Shenyang Medical College 
Rs 5,30,000
(Rs 2,00,000 + 34700 )
Rs 2,69,000
(28300 )
Rs 16,06,000
Avg High: 29 C (July)
Avg low: -11 C (Jan)
Xinxiang Medical University
Rs 4,60,000
(Rs 2,00,000 + 27135 )
Rs 2,03,000
(21400 )
Rs 12,72,000
Avg High: 32 C (July)
Avg low: -4 C (Jan)
Qiqihar Medical University
Rs 4,56,000
(Rs 2,25,000 + 24315 )
Rs 1,90,000
(20000 )
Rs 12,16,000
Avg High: 24 C (July)
Avg low: -18 C (Jan)
Omkar Medicom
Best MBBS Abroad Consultant

Our all universities are approved by MCI
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